Top trainings performed by certified safety experts

With a fully equipped training tower at its Haiger site, Hailo Wind Systems creates the optimal conditions for safety training courses and exercises related to the wind sector – and beyond! Whether assembly training for ladder systems and servicelifts, user training on ladder equipment or tower and shaft rescue exercises, all training variants can now be offered under optimal conditions that are as close to real life as possible.

The training tower is fitted with all the ladder and safety features of a proper wind turbine. The very latest Hailo ladder systems for towers and buildings of all kinds, current models of Hailo Wind Systems Servicelifts and components such as guard rails, platforms and accessories have been installed. Thanks to our E-Learning platform, basic trainings for operating a Hailo Servicelift can be completed online anytime and anywhere – this will save you money.

All trainings based on international standards and regulations

All Hailo ladder technology and safety training courses conform to the requirements of the occupational insurance association, international standards (e.g. GWO) and regulations. Persons who have been trained by Hailo are therefore able to use their knowledge internationally. As well as wind turbine manufacturers, service companies, maintenance engineers and operators, safety officers from craft and industry can also take advantage of the practical training opportunities on offer in Haiger.


“We believed that setting up a training center was an important and logical next step in expanding our product range. It enables our customers to test the product itself and familiarize themselves with all the safety features and equipment under expert instruction.”