When using built-in vertical ladders inside wind turbines, the sense of safety becomes more palpable than anywhere else. The necessary feeling of safety that should be a matter of course can only be guaranteed with a first-class, rugged ladder system. Over 50 years ago, Hailo developed the aluminium ladder in Europe, introducing the professional ladder system to wind turbines. As a result of this pioneering achievement, Hailo Wind Systems was founded and developed into today’s global market and technology leader for safe and reliable climbing technology.

With many innovative ideas such as the patented double-beaded rungs, special grip profile, autonomously deicing rungs, or side rails with led lights, our ladder and fall arrest systems comfortably outperform the global competition. Whether individual vertical ladders in a variety of versions, materials, and sizes, with fall arrest rails or ropes incl. the accompanying fall arrest devices, rest platforms, climb assists, to guide service lifts, CCVs (Cold Climate Version), in accordance with or with tailored accessories such as ladder holders, side-rail brackets, or nacelle ladders: Our internationally certified ladder solutions stand for reliability, quality, and safety.

Ladder 900


We offer rail and rope-guided fall arrest system solutions, with decades of proven reliability in practice, for optimal safety in wind turbines. The ladder system is fitted with a guide rail or safety rope and the necessary attachment points. Naturally, we also offer you the prefabricated complete system solution or kits for pre-installation, as well as certified rope and rail-guided accompanying fall arrest devices, including fixed guidance.

Our climb arrest system solutions stand for optimal safety, reliability, and quality. All solutions comply with the PPE Directive (EU) 2016/425, are internationally certified (e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 353-1:2018 (EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017)), and suitable for use as fall arrest protection systems on fixed ladders. All parallel-running fall arrest devices, with years of proven reliable operation in practice, are additionally fitted with integrated shock absorbers to minimise catch-impact forces.

Klettern 900


Building on decades of experience, we have developed an extensive range of sophisticated ladder and climbing technology solutions. We always offer the highest-possible level of quality – for professional wind turbine furnishings. Naturally, we provide customised dimensions, materials, and the necessary accessories. We even have tailor-made solutions in stock, e.g. for use in offshore facilities and lattice towers. Please refer to our current catalogue for more details.

We also offer a number of accompanying services such as ladder system or fall-arrest system pre-assembly, installations, maintenance, inspections, spare-parts service, repairs, as well as expert inspection and user training courses in our training centre.
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Your benefits from Hailo Wind Systems ladders

  • First-class materials and processing
  • Suitable for onshore and offshore applications, as well as lattice towers
  • Patented beading
  • Non-slip rungs with special anti-slide profile
  • Individual width and rung distance; also suitable as a nacelle ladder
  • Global assembly, maintenance, and repair
  • Innovative rope and rail-guided fall arrest systems
  • Comprehensive range of ladder system accessories such as rung adaptors, rail connectors, assembly assists, and ladder holders
  • Tailored special solutions
Excellent Service


Reliable, competent and with expertise in manufacturing

Consulting, development, commissioning, ZÜS support, expert inspection, maintenance, complete overhauls and much more:

You can rely on our first-class service.