Drawing on our years of experience, as well as our status as the market and technology leader in climbing technology, we offer a comprehensive range of products, services, and training courses. As the global specialist, we are your ideal partner to fully equip wind turbines with safety technology.


  • Ladder systems
    In various materials, widths, and with a range of rails
  • Ladder system accessories Ladder support, rung fixations, rail brackets, fixation systems, rung adaptors, floor mountings, ladder connectors (inside/outside), section rung joiners, foldable rest platforms, end caps, assembly assistants, ladder bases, universal attachment points, rung enforcements, rung-repair sets, rung-protections sets, labels, and much more.
  • Fall arrest systems
    H-50, H-50.2, H-8, as well as other manufacturers
  • Fall arresters
    Hailo PARTNER H-50.2, Hailo PARTNER R1 (discontinued), Hailo SPL-50-R3, Hailo Wind Systems SKC Evo, and Hailo SSL-8-R1
  • Fall arrest system accessories
    Rail connectors, end stops, assembly sets, rung holders, rotary release units, fall-arrest system ropes, rope connectors (top/bottom), rope tensioning units, rope guides, and much more.
  • Service lifts
    Rope-guided service lifts and ladder-guided service lifts for all types of wind turbines
  • PSAgA (Personal fall protection equipment)
    Country-specific offers, e.g. safety harnesses / straps, connectors, holding rope, I-strap, Y-strap, abseiling device with rescue lift equipment, descent ropes


  • Service lifts
    Global assembly, pre-installation, repair, and maintenance of service lifts with knowledge of manufacturing both onshore and offshore
  • Hoists & catch devices
    Annual maintenance of DUALlift and Tractel hoists as well as DUALlift overhauls by ring replacements
  • Ropes
    Inspection and replacement of ropes as well as rope suspensions and accessories
  • ZÜS support
    e.g. for cost-effective TÜV commissioning and repeat inspections of service lifts
  • Ladders & climb assists
    Repair, maintenance, replacement, as well as expert inspections – also of parallel-running fall-arrest devices / runners
  • PPR
    Maintenance and expert inspection of PPE, high-rescue equipment, firefighting fall-protection sets, belts, connectors, and holding ropes
  • Safety equipment
    Maintenance and expert inspection of firefighting equipment, rescue devices, and first-aid boxes
  • Special offshore solutions
    Special offshore solutions, across the globe, always by experienced offshore teams
  • Retrofitting
    global retrofitting of access, service-lift, and climbing technology
  • deck cranes & machine cranes
    expert inspection of crane systems across Europe, cross-vendor and reliable
  • Technical consulting
    free consulting, development, and technological inspection of access and climbing technology
  • After-sales service
    Quick and reliable, across the globe: Our excellent customer service is one of our trademarks
  • Safety concepts
    Consulting, development, and inspection of concepts to improve wind turbine safety
Ladder 900


  • GWO Working at Heights
  • GWO First Aid
  • GWO Fire Awareness
  • GWO Manual Handling
  • Operation of Hailo Wind Systems service lifts and climb assists (more on our e-learning platform)
  • Assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of Hailo Wind Systems service lifts and ladder systems
  • Tower-manufacturer pre-installation training for Hailo Wind Systems service lifts
  • Climbing technology in wind turbines
  • Safety operations in wind turbines
  • Maintenance of hoists and catch devices
  • Special safety and first-aid at the accident site
  • First-aid course in accordance with DGUV & GWO
  • Expert for PPE (in accordance with DGUV 312-906)
  • Use of PPE (climbing/rescuing)
  • Ladder systems, stepladders, mobile scaffolds
  • Climbing technology general
  • Rescuing from the high-bay warehouse
  • Securing in the high-bay warehouse with falling hazard
  • Fire-fighting training
  • Fire protection training
  • Working and rescuing in confined spaces


From ladder systems and fall arrest system solutionsServicelifte, service lifts, custom-made products, and new product developments up to our diverse range of services– und and training courses: We offer all the professional equipment you need to completely equip your wind turbines.

Safety, quality, and reliability are our top priority. Always.

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