SARA Training Center

Our Training Center

With an 18 metre-high training tower that simulates real wind turbine conditions to a large extent, globale training centres with workshop, inspection facilities and spacious outdoor facilities, we offer the optimal conditions for first-class safety training courses.


Assembly or service training courses for climbing technology, service lifts and climb assists, rescue exercises in wind turbines or shaft constructions, basic training in climbing or rescuing, fire-extinguishing training courses, or an education as PPE inspector – our training centre, the Safety And Rescue Academy (S.A.R.A.), can effortlessly offer all this and more.

At our training centre in Haiger, we have various seminar rooms with modern safety and presentation technology at our disposal. These include our own training hall, workshop, 18 metre-high training tower, 15 cubic-metre shaft construction, and various outdoor areas incl. the necessary technology and equipment containers.


for safety training courses and rescue exercises under real conditions

With special racks fitted with the necessary equipment for training programmes in the operation, assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of our rope and ladder-guided service lifts, ladder systems, and climb assists, our training hall offers the optimal conditions for practically oriented training courses in wind energy, first-aid (in accordance with DGUV and GWO), high-bay warehouses, as well as PPE. It is specially equipped for the simulation of emergencies and demanding rescue situations.

Our workshop allows you to extensively try out equipment by various well-known manufacturers. The demands of PPE are discerning and a perfect fit is necessary to provide reliable protection against and during life-threatening situations. This requires the regular inspection of the personal protective equipment to protect against falls. All necessary inspections can be performed directly on-site, in our workshop. It’s best to just bring along your own personal protective equipment against falls!


ideal conditions for practical and versatile offers

The climbing and safety technology facilities of our 18 metre-high training tower more than suffice to simulate the conditions of any modern wind turbine. There are various models of Hailo Wind Systems climbing protection solutions available for extensive training courses such as ladder and rope-guided service lifts and climb assists as well as tower components (rails, platforms, ladder system accessories, attachment points, repair sets, and much more).

Directly adjacent to our training tower, participants in our courses will find our 15 cubic-metre shaft construction fitted with modern Hailo shaft technology. Optimal training conditions are provided by the built-in ladder systems with fall arrest rails and the appropriate fall arrest devices as well as an accessible heavy-load manhole cover and a ventilation system.


for training content such as firefighting and fire-fighting exercises

Our outdoor facilities are, among other things, used for training exercises that require cooler training conditions. The facilities include a mobile fire-extinguishing trainer for firefighting assistants as well as hand-held fire extinguishers and equipment to instruct employees in the principles of firefighting. A range of additional equipment such as special garbage cans, an electronic motor, control cabinet, and monitor for firefighting exercises guarantee a range of practically oriented and diverse training options.


  • Product training courses
    assembly, commissioning, pre-installation, service, and maintenance of service lifts, ladder systems, climb assists, and fall arrest systems
  • GWO-certified training courses
    “Working at Heights“, “First Aid”, “Manual Handling”, and “Fire Awareness”
  • Special rescuing
    Learning the principles of special rescue operations as well as rescue operations in wind turbines with first-aid at the accident site
  • PPE
    Training programme for competence in PPE in accordance with BGG 906 as well as PPE-user training “Rescuing from heights and depths” in accordance with BGR 198/199
  • First aid
    First aid (or initial treatment) in accordance with DGUV & GWO
  • Fire protection
    Training courses for operational fire protection and fire-extinguishing exercises
  • Working in rescuing in narrow spaces
    Rescuing in shaft constructions, from basements, and from narrow spaces
  • High-bay warehouses
    Rescuing and working in high-bay warehouses / work conditions at heights

Don’t find the right training course for your needs? The Safety And Rescue Academy will gladly address your individual training requirements – if desired, also at your premises. Just contact us.

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