Improving wind turbine efficiency – with retrofit

Experienced and reliable partners are crucial for the modernisation of existing wind turbines, so-called retrofit or repowering, because tailor-made planning and implementation processes ensure the true success of retrofit projects. We offer you a comprehensive range of retrofit services such as the installation of service lifts, vertical ladders, or fall arrest systems. This way, we contribute to increased turbine profitability and safety. Of course, across the globe with manufacturing expertise.

We have earned our spot among the global retrofit specialists for climbing technology, with over 400 completed retrofit projects in Europe and the US over the last few years. Comprehensive consulting services, as well as first-class customer support and quick project realisation, are a matter of course for us during repowering projects.

Experience of over 400 retrofit projects

99% customer satisfaction in all retrofit projects

Maximized benefit, minimized service and downtime

Better conditions and higher levels of safety

The advantages of retrofit

    Invest to realise demonstrable savings in the long-run: Retrofit allows for great cost savings – throughout the entire wind turbine lifecycle.
    Significant reduction of costly disturbances, turbine downtime, and time spent on maintenance, TÜV support, and repairs.
    Our retrofitting solutions help demonstrably increase the profitability of wind turbines, e.g. through service-effort reductions and less downtime.
    We offer first-class, innovative climbing technology. Whether service lifts, ladder systems, fall arrest systems, or climb assists: All our products offer safer operation.
    Why should service work and strain go hand-in-hand? Our solutions prevent painful injuries and great bodily strain.
    Our services and products stand for reliability, quality, and safety. Trust us! We allow you to focus on your core business in the long run.
    Use our service lifts and climb assists to transport urgent spare parts and repair tools, without hassle or stress.

We are the leader in wind turbine retrofit

Your satisfaction is always our top priority. That’s what motivates us to continuously further develop our service portfolio, with a special focus on retrofit, supporting you with our experience and competence. Because quality, reliability, and safety are paramount to us.

We are particularly proud of our 99% customer satisfaction rate for sample retrofit projects. One of these projects included the retrofit of over 100 wind turbines operated by Norwegian energy supplier STATKRAFT with Hailo Wind Systems service lifts.

Whether your project includes retrofit for service lifts, climbing technology, hoists, PPE, or accompanying crane inspections or ZÜS support, offshore or onshore: Our competent and motivated service technicians are there to provide quick on-site support, across the globe. Anytime.