Innovations by the market & technology leader

Building on decades of experience, we have developed an extensive range of comprehensive products and system solutions. Whether service lifts, ladder systems, fall arrest systems, climb assists, or tower equipment: Our portfolio covers the breadth of professional turbine equipment. Quality, safety, and reliability assume top priority with all Hailo Wind Systems products. Worldwide.

Working in close collaboration with the wind industry, we continuously invest in our products and services. We operate a global network that includes our own production and service centres on four continents. With this strategic business development approach, we have managed to establish ourselves as a global expert for climbing and access technology for many years now.

Product Overview

Ladder system

Service lifts (ladder)

Highest safety level through reliable, premium quality ladder-guided service lifts. More

Service lifts (rope-based)

Highest safety level through user friendly service lifts compact cabins. Famous all over the world. More

Ladder technology

High-quality rungs with patented beading and special profile are the guarantee of our globally appreciated ladder quality. More

Climb assist

The E-Lift is an innovative climb assist system which allows to climb a wind turbine in a most efficient and safe way. More

Climb assist

The H-Lift is a modern climb assist system that is specifically designed for cost-effective use in wind turbines. More

Fall arrest system

Fall arrest system consisting of aluminium ladders, pre-assembled fall arrest rail, fall arresters and a wide set of accessories. More

Fall arrest system

The top quality aluminium-extruded profile guarantees virtually unlimited durability – and therefore safety. More

Fall arrest system

Rope-based fall arrest system consisting of ladders, cable guides, fall arresters and a wide set of accessories. More

Fall arrest system

We offer a wide set of accessories for our fall arrest systems H-8, H-50 and H-50.2. More

Specially developed for the wind industry

Our competence is symbolised by decades of experience in the development and production of innovative products – at consistently great quality. To name an example, all Hailo Wind Systems service lifts are specially developed for use in turbines and exclusively fitted with first-class components. Right now, thousands of kilometres of Hailo Wind Systems service lifts, ladder systems, and climbing technology have been in use across the globe for quite some time.

High quality, safe and reliable tower internals

First class support and engineering at any time

Global, on-demand manufacturing and shipping to low costs

Reduction of procurement costs

Simplification of many processes

Of course, Hailo Wind Systems Servicelifts fulfill all international standards and regulations, e.g. the machine guidelines 2006/42/EC. The wide range of the product portfolio offers suitable Solutions to any need.