Safety And Rescue Academy (S.A.R.A.) – always the first in safety!

For many years now, the Hailo Wind Systems Safety And Rescue Academy (S.A.R.A.) offers effective training courses for various industries, in a realistic setting. All safety training courses are given by experienced trainers with long-standing experience in wind energy, energy technology, industry, firefighting, and/or emergency services. With our fully furnished training centre, we offer the optimal conditions for 29 safety training courses, instructions, online courses, and refresher seminars.


We offer training courses under optimal conditions, whether assembly training courses for climbing technology or service lifts, user training for climb assists, or the PPE against falls (PPE), rescue exercises for working in wind turbines or shafts, as well as fire safety, first-aid, high-bay warehouse, special rescue, initial aid at the accident site, and much more. Of course, we also offer many courses at your premises and a further range of comprehensive services.

Perfect conditions for wind power training courses

With our modern training centre, including an 18-metre high training tower, we provide realistic training conditions for all practice-oriented wind-energy safety training courses. Moreover, all training facilities are furnished with the most-current climbing and safety technology. Installed are various variants of the proven Hailo Wind Systems fall arrest system solutions, modern ladder and rope-guided service lifts, climb assists and tower equipment components such as rails, platforms, interlocking systems, rescue devices, ladder accessories, and much more.

In addition, the Safety And Rescue Academy is approved by the DGUV for first-aid training courses and by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) in the areas of “Working at Heights”, “First-Aid”, “Fire Awareness”, and “Manual Handling”. Our first-class training courses offer true quality, as proven by the 98% participant satisfaction of GWO training courses (as of May 2017). All Hailo Wind Systems safety training courses naturally meet the current policies of accident insurers and professional associations, in addition to international standards and provisions.

Cross-industry safety training courses

Many different companies use our excellent training facilities in Haiger (Hesse). Not only plant manufacturers, service companies, maintenance services, inspectors, and operating companies, but also other companies from industry, logistics, and trade, as well as firefighters and first responders.


We offer our own high-bay warehouse with comprehensive set of furnishings, as well as a training hall with modern fire-protection and firefighting equipment and a 15 cubic-metre shaft construction fitted with modern shaft and climbing technology. The optimal conditions for safety and rescue training courses in shafts are provided with ladder systems, fall arrest systems, and an accessible heavy-load manhole cover as well as a ventilation system.


Comfortably take courses online

Our e-learning platform offers the opportunity to conveniently take important safety training courses online such as the training courses to operate Hailo Wind Systems service lifts and climb assists. A comprehensive set of training videos and intermediary tests ensure long-lasting success. Our e-learning system saves you a lot of time and resources – especially when compared to physical training courses – guaranteeing your own safety as well as the safety of others.


Our modern e-learning system also offers many other convenient functionalities. You are automatically informed about new safety information, documents, and possible expiry of your certificates. After successfully completing a course, all the documents relevant to that module, such as assembly instructions, will be made available online. We additionally offer responsible persons from the HSE and HR departments a “supervisor” role, which provides them with exclusive possibilities to e.g. keep an overview of the current learning progress of all employees.

Tailor-made training courses and individual consultation? Sure!

Haven’t found the training course that meets your demands? Or do you have a specific request? The Safety And Rescue Academy will gladly address your individual training requirements and offers advice on many topics such as plant safety, the technical operation of wind farms, and employee security when working at heights – of course, at any time and, if desired, also at your premises.

Just contact us. We look forward to!